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To help you reach your financial goals, we offer a variety of services. As your long-term relationship with Powers Investment Advisory grows, we can plan, measure, and adjust to ensure the best and most efficient use of your assets.

The convenience of having your financial management in one place also affords us the ability to make certain each of your objectives work together to maximize effectiveness.

Read about our services to learn how we can help you achieve financial success.

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Investment Management

Make the best use of your assets with help from Powers Investment Advisory.

Before you retire, we actively seek ways to grow your assets long term. We recommend appropriate and effective individual investments based on your personal information and goals. And, we can help you better understand your employer’s 401(k) program, if applicable, so you can use it most effectively.

After you retire, we strive to provide you with a steady and reliable stream of income.

While we monitor investment prices each day, we closely examine each personal portfolio regularly. Consistent, scheduled meetings with your advisor are essential to your portfolio’s success. At each meeting, we will review your investment performance and, as needed, recommend changes based on market and economic conditions.

Fee: 1% of assets under management. An additional administration fee applies for assets under management of less than $150,000.

Fees are billed quarterly in arrears. After each quarter, your advisor will provide a report detailing account performance and activity as well as an invoice for portfolio management services.

Investment Brokerage

Stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, annuities or fixed-income investments—we’ll help you identify the best investment type or combination to fund your future. Your short- and long-term financial goals are our primary consideration.

Powers Investment Advisory provides a wide variety of investment alternatives through Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. Our array of investment options continually evolves based on our own research process and strict investment criteria.

Fee: We are paid a commission based on type and size of each trade. Commissions are added to your total transaction cost and are paid to us by Cadaret, Grant. Commissions are non-negotiable.

Retirement Planning

Employer- and government-sponsored pensions aren’t as certain as they used to be. That’s why retirement planning is more critical today than ever before.

Let Powers Investment Advisory help you take steps to maintain or enhance your current lifestyle after retirement. We’ll consider four main factors: the amount of savings required, the time horizon, inflation, and taxes.

Investment management is an essential part of retirement planning.

Fee: $500 for the initial retirement plan and each subsequent review

Insurance Brokerage

As licensed, independent brokers for a number of top-rated insurance carriers, we can meet your insurance needs at competitive premium levels.

We obtain quotes to find the best Life, Health, Disability, Long-Term Care and Medicare supplement insurance for you.

Fee: Carriers pay us a commission based on type of insurance and premium.

401(k) Advisory

Your employer-sponsored retirement program, such as a 401(k) plan, most likely will be a major portion of your retirement funds. But do you know what percentage of your pay is being contributed to the plan - or what percentage (if any) your employer matches? What about the investments to which your contribution is allocated?

Your employer may not advise you on how to best use their 401(k) plan, but Powers Investment Advisory will. We’ll help you better understand your 401(k) plan so you can use it most effectively.

Fee: $250 per consultation

Small Business Retirement

Family-owned and other small businesses can offer their employees big-business retirement benefits with a “Safe Harbor 401(k)” program. With Safe Harbor 401(k) plans, small business owners can avoid annual compliance testing, plus save a significant amount annually for their retirement.

Powers Investment Advisory can set up a Safe Harbor 401(k) for your small business, educate and enroll your employees and provide general investment advice for all enrollees.

Fee: Plan Administration cost to the business owner varies by total plan assets, share class and number of participating employees

Tax Preparation

To complement our financial planning services, Powers Investment Advisory prepares tax returns for individuals, trusts and estates. Our basic package for individuals includes a federal return with schedules A, B, D and E, state return and city return.


  • $350* for basic package (individuals in Ohio)
  • $400* for basic package (individuals outside Ohio)
  • $550 for trusts and estates

*$50 for each additional federal schedule

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of accumulating and distributing an estate to maximize the goals of the owner.

Powers Investment Advisory can help you prepare adequately for closing your financial affairs and transferring assets according to your objectives. Objectives may include: providing income to your spouse and/or dependents, distributing assets when income is no longer necessary, avoiding probate costs and minimizing taxes.

Fee: $500 for the initial plan and each subsequent review

Estate Settlement

Estate settlement is the execution of your estate plan.

Steps include:

  1. Gathering your complete financial information
  2. Obtaining certified copies of your will and trust document(s)
  3. Determining your net worth on day of death
  4. Hiring an attorney, if necessary
  5. Filing your will
  6. Maintaining an income stream for your survivors
  7. Preparing estate tax returns
  8. Preparing and filing documents for asset transfer

This process must be completed before assets can be transferred to your heirs.

Fee: $2,500 to $15,000, depending on size of estate; plus recovery of probate costs and legal expenses